Nitriding furnace

This equipment is suitable for gas nitriding or controllable nitriding (commonly known as nitriding) mainly used for profile molds, machine tool spindles, locomotive internal combustion engine crankshafts, high-precision gears and other important parts in the state of nitrogen. It can also be used for dripping organic liquid soft nirtriding is a periodic production heat treatment equipment.


一、Equipment composition(single set)

1. Eequipment name, model, quality

1.1 RN-30-6K nitriding furnace 1 set


  • furnace body and heating element
  • furnace cover and lifting mechanism
  • stove
  • quick cooling device

1.2 Gas supply system   1 set


  •  Ammonia gas control cabinet  1 set

1.3 Electric temperature control cabinet 1 set


  • Temperature control unit(including paperless recorder)
  • Electrical control unit


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