Double puller


As an important part of aluminum extrusion line, the puller plays significant role on the aluminum extrusion process to produce high precision aluminum profiles. Let’s see how it affects:
1. The double puller always guides the profiles on their entire extrusion length to avoid position deviation of the profiles on the cooling table.
2. Designed with a clamp device, the extrusions can be best held all the time.
3. The extrusion time can be precisely controlled.

•The double puller is designed with Siemens PLC control system, and uses Ethernet Technology, realizing real-time machine monitoring in a remote manner.
•Servo motor is used to control the saw motion.
•Vibration free running avoids profile deformation, greatly improving the quality of finished profiles.
•Available with two-layer four-rail design;
•The puller head is constructed with aluminum, featuring light weight and high flexibility.
•Features high automation and 24-hour continuous operation.

•Tonnage ratings: 600T-9000T


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