Aging furnace for aluminium profile


Aging is a process used for a range of metals to alter the properties of the material being treated, sometimes to increase strength and hardness, or to improve formability in the case of over-aging. The process of aging happens naturally over time but the use of heat expedites the process and is performed in an aging furnace or oven.

The aluminum ageing ovens are designed and manufactured in different sizes. These batch ovens are available in electric, gas fired, or indirect gas fired. Hongfuda will work with you to choose the ideal air flow designs to match your load configuration. Hongfuda’s aluminum ageing ovens provide excellent temperature uniformity for increased production rates.

Main parameters

  • Loading basket: 6 to 24 baskets optional (basket size customized according to the loading material)
  • Heating type: natural gas, LPG, diesel oil, electricity
  • Burner: B40, BG400-BG500 (Sweden Bentone)
  • Cycle mode: hot air circulation
  • Circulation fan power: 11KW-55KW
  • Control method: automatic temperature control system
  • Furnace opening type: manual/automatic




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